If you have a moment, 20 minutes actually, I want you to read this:

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

It could change your life.

My cousin Liz, an editor in NYC, sent this to me yesterday.  The note attached was “This made me think of you. Love & see you…”

I quickly glanced at the article thinking Oh boy, if she thought of me this ought to be good… You know, my normal pessimistic self.

I just wanted to publicly thank my cousin for sharing this article and Elle Luna for writing it.

It’s exactly how I feel.  It’s what I spent the past year trying to explain to the world and this woman did it in 20 minutes!

I have known that I have a special purpose since I was a small child.  I am a little amazed that I am quickly approaching 40 and my purpose has yet to be fully unveiled, but darn if I don’t wake up every single morning asking the question and hiking just a little further up my personal mountain.

My biggest shock in life is that there are people who don’t.  Some of my closest friends and family, don’t question their purpose nor believe they have one.  This blew me away.  I truly believed everyone felt a personal calling towards something.  Do only a small portion of humans carry this sense of urgency or does everyone have it , but choose to bury it. Which is it?

I think it’s fear and a lot of fear based around money. It’s crippling.

Well, as I’ve said, I’ve been soul-searching since childhood.  I believe I am on this earth to connect to other humans about something.  I’m supposed to use my art to connect with people.  That’s all I know…Connect about what?  I haven’t figured that out, but I work at it every day.

Use your gifts for the common good.

I have read countless books on this subject. Too many and most were not helpful.  They could identify the yearning inside me but they could not help me get mobile.  To get down to the heart of what I am supposed to do on this earth.  The book The Instruction by Ainslie Mac Leod finally helped me put my life in perspective.  If the SHOULD & MUST article moves you in any way, read The Instruction next. After that, I recommend Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz. It further changed my perspective on my soul’s journey.

After reading the two books I mentioned, I was able to get away from the physical (ie. become famous artist and make loads of money) and move into the realm of something deeper (ie.  be creative, spiritual, & educator).  Here is where I found something that truly resonates.  The physical attributes would simply be icing on the cake!

I realize I have now taken up an extra – extra twenty minutes of your time, but if you’ve followed me over the past year, you know it’s a question near and dear to my heart.

Go.  Live as though you will die within a month.  Be honest with yourself and the world.

Something amazing lies beneath!