Soup’s On 2018


This is the super-fun event my pottery studio puts on every year.

For $20 you have a lovely tasting of over 12 home-made soups, choose a hand-crafted bowl to take home and you get to support a great cause.  Our studio raises money to support The Beautiful Day Project.  This project helps refugees new to Rhode Island receive job training and employment.  They produce their own organic high-quality granola and then sell it.  It is delicious as well as making a big difference in many peoples lives.

Here are some photos of bowls that have been turning up this week which willbe part of the event:

_2018-02-13 08.56.32b_2018-02-13 08.56.43b_2018-02-13 08.55.35_2018-02-13 08.57.23b_2018-02-13 08.58.29b_2018-02-13 09.00.07b

Join us this Friday 6-8 pm. You won’t want to miss this!


Flying High

2018-02-02 08.10.24-1

2018-02-02 08.08.44-12018-02-02 08.01.17-12018-02-02 08.11.30-1

I’m continuing to work on my own stamps to create texture on my pottery.

This is a bird series. What is fun, is that every piece has a different pattern on its opposite side. I made a bunch of bird bodies, but I made the wings separate stamps. This way I can change the trajectory of the wings to simulate different flight poses.  Instead of only having three bird stamps, I will have six bird bodies and 12 different patterned wings to choose from.

I also made stamp pieces of a tree.  Each piece of the tree can be flipped to create more irregularity in my tree pattern.  I can stamp in many different variations of a tree depending on how many times I stamp them.  Little tree or big tree.

I am making some large bowls right now.  I’ll try using them and send some updates of how they work.

Have a great weekend everybody.  I hope you all get to do something creative :)

Losing My Religion

_2018-01-24 10.19.11

Here’s a painting that evolved from random abstract mark-making.

Somewhere within the chaos I saw a church and from there, all my thoughts on the current state of religion in the US came to mind.

Of course religion in America is loaded.  It’s political and something most people would choose to avoid discussing. Nevertheless, It’s what came up in my painting.

I guess for me, I feel a bit of anger at the indifference some people find towards the First US Amendment – Freedom of Religion.

I can remember my earliest encounter with other faiths when I first went to kindergarten.  My little class had Christians, Jews and Vietnamese Buddhists in it.  I didn’t even really know what that meant, but I do remember that it was a lesson. Through school I learned that many people believe in many different theories of God and in America you can practice any religious faith you’d like. Or none at all.  There is room for everyone.   That was about it.  Sweet and simple. Oh, and there is church and there is state.  Church is your own private choice and state is where everyone agrees to respect everyone else’s choices.  To a small kid, I remember thinking that sounded pretty fair.

A decade later I was in high school. For the first time in over a decade we were told they were changing our morning routine. The Pledge of Allegiance had always come onto the loud-speaker. We stood up, said the pledge and were then told to sit down for a moment of silent prayer.  But, for now on, there would simply be a moment of silence.  I don’t think us kids had ever thought about it before.  We just did what we were told. We put our hand on our hearts, stood, recited, sat down and stayed quiet until we were told we could speak.  On this day, I can remember the teacher explaining why the government was doing away with the word “prayer”.  Prayer had come from the fact that our country was predominantly Christian for hundreds of years, since most people were Christian, no one really minded if there was Christian religion in the public schools.  But now, people were becoming more observant of the fact that not everyone is Christian.  Perhaps a moment of silence to whomever your God is might be better than the Christian idea of “prayer”.  I remember thinking this was amazing.  Right in my little classroom we were discussing the First Amendment again and how as a country we really needed to hold true to our word. There is freedom of religion and separation of church and state.  You believe whatever you want outside of school, but when you are at school, we respect that everyone may have different beliefs. We focus on learning at school. That’s it – period.

I got it.  I got it at every age. We Americans are free because we respect everyone’s right to freedom. That’s how it works.

Now, I’ll admit it. I haven’t been in school in a couple of decades.  But the talk I now hear goes against everything I was taught in school.  Things like “Finally, we can bring back prayer to the classroom.” and “Bring back the Christmas pageant”. Things that sound incredibly CHRISTIAN to me.  If these same people found out the school was pausing to face towards mecca to pray 5 times a day they would go berserk.  Perhaps there should be no school lunch as all kids should fast during Yom Kippur?

You can’t have it both ways. If  you don’t want someone else’s religion shoved down your throat, then you can’t shove your own.

The other thought that came to mind as I was painting this little church is acceptance.  I am pretty sure every faith has some form of “Love All” in their tenants.  This caused me to draw all sorts of symbols.  Religious ones. Feminine vs Masculine. Patriotism. Rich vs. Poor. Educated vs. Illiterate.  Citizens vs. immigrants.  Who does America belong to? All or some?

Me. I believe in the freedom to mind one’s own business.  You leave me alone.  I leave you alone.  Mutual respect = Co-exist.

Call me a snowflake.  A flaming idealist-liberal.  I’m OK with that.  I’ll own it.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but guess what? I’m not the only one!

Mans Best Friend

2018-01-22 09.48.59

Sorry peoples – I’s a cat person!

There was that week, the one where I totally freaked out about ruining all the paintings I was working on? It was a few weeks back.  Well, in response to my-freak out, I stepped away from the paintings I was working on and started some new ones.  The new ones were way smaller – like 11×14 as opposed to 20×24’s.  I encouraged myself to go small and go simple.  This way maybe I wouldn’t flee the scene never to return!

2018-01-16 15.06.59

It worked.  It kept me at it. I focused on creating colors that I particularly like (up until this point my paint selections have been random without any thought.) I love this color combo.  So that was one small success.

I don’t know, but instantly I saw a cat.  Above, you can see my editing outline.  From there, I tried really hard not to over-do and add unnecessary layers of paint which is where I get into unhappy-color-land. So, I did very little.  I added molding paste to the background to give it a rough palette knife texture, added some details and tried as hard as I could to keep it simple.  I still feel guilty like I didn’t work hard enough or struggle enough, but I let that go, and that felt pretty good.  I really have to practise relaxing and not over thinking.  This is SOOOO HARD for me!  I always feel like I am too late and coming from behind when it comes to painting. Any one into the theater production of Hamilton?  There is a song asking “Why do you write like your running out of time?” Man I can totally relate.  Hamilton wrote at a fevered pitch.  If his peers wrote 20 documents, he was writing 80. The running out of time part was that he did.  He died early.  I feel like my spirit feels like it’s working against Life’s clock.  That or I’m just completely mental.  Let’s just hope I’m mental :)

As for cats.  It’s hidden in the final painting, but I found myself writing “Thank you for teaching me how to love”.  I really mean this.  My cat has helped me with my spiritual practise.  Every day I pick her up.  I feel her warmth, her heart beat, her purr and it instantly forces me to become present.  When she prances by, I take it as a reminder to stop everything, appreciate exactly where I am and exactly what I’m doing.  It is one of the few reminders that literally walks by me each and every day.  I hug her tight, enjoy looking out the window, observing, being quiet and being peaceful.  Unfortunately, it lasts about as long as my meditation practise – not very long, but at least it’s daily :)

My cat teaches me gratitude and for that I am truly grateful.

Feeling the Blues

__2018-01-10 09.11.26b

Not feeling like I have any control over the subject matter, composition or colors, but I’ll show you how I tamed this wild beast from some dots and crosshatches to at least something… Negative painting (painting the background instead of the foreground) seemed to go well.  It’s how you edit the mess and I’m finding it’s the key to creating the composition.  I will take what I learned and move forward.

Blue Still Life

11×14 acrylic and charcoal

Little Field Study

__2018-01-10 09.11.41

So let me quickly explain what “mixed media” means to those of you non-painters.

 When it comes to art galleries, museums and art publications, an artist needs to very specifically categorize their art. Here are some classic examples.  Oil painting, acrylic, pen and ink, gouache, watercolor, pastel, … you kind of catch my drift…

Well “mixed media” is the term the industry has coined for any artwork that uses more than one medium.  I don’t know where in my schooling I got this notion, but I was always made to feel like mixed media was a lower, non-purist, uneducated art form.  That’s pretty loaded huh?  Some artist/teacher/adult taught me that and like Adam, I bit that apple.  I think in art there is this “purist” thing which now that I am getting a little older, I would like to re-term an “ego” thing.  If you can put people and their work in a category, then you can compete against one another. Then you can have “the best” in show and don’t we all want to work so hard to compete with our peers to be the best???

Ugh, I’m exhausted with this premise and I’m only in my forties.

Now, when you go to art shows and you see “mixed media” near an artwork title, pretty much it’s a lump word that  means – more than one medium.  Think of all the categories above. If you simply add a tiny bit of charcoal to your acrylic painting, you are – mixed media.  If you add a tiny bit of gouache or acrylic to your watercolor painting – you are mixed media. God forbid you glue anything to your artwork, you are mixed media.  Of course any type of collageis – mixed media. This leaves all of these artists lumped into the “we don’t know what to do with you category”. For award giving,  “purists” are being compared apple, to apple, to apple, to apple…. For mixed media artists, award giving is comparing apple, to orange, to pineapple, to egg…. No one fits per say. Maybe that’s what gives the industry it’s uneasiness. I also  think there’s a rich vs. poor thing going on too.  Poor people can’t afford the best art supplies nor can they afford the proper education to know the rules. Great industry to be a part of right?

I mention this because for me, wanting to work in “mixed media” obviously has loaded negative connotations.  But guess what?  I LOVE MIXED MEDIA. I really love artworks that use ALL THE ART MEDIUMS ALL AT ONCE.  Why not?  Who says you can’t?  I want to use charcoal, paint, pencil, gold leaf, and spray paint all in one work of art.  Why is that such a bad thing?  Why do I feel like I will be judged poorly for doing so?

I think of the most famous mixed media artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.  I am pretty sure he wasn’t thinking “Gee, what are the leaders of my industry going to think about my art and art practice? Hmmm?”  Nope. He was a street artist, a gritty-city graffiti artist who used whatever he found on the streets to get his vision across.  Racism, poverty, segregation, social inequality.  He was feeling it and he was expressing it.  When you look at his work, it is raw.  It is loaded with power, anger, inquisitiveness and humor.  Somehow mixing all the art mediums, packs this visual punch.  There’s so much to look at.  In this genre, there is a contemporary mixed media artist I love and admire, Mitsi B Kral. Click on her name to see her work.  Mitsi has these great YouTube videos.  When you watch her, you clearly see she doesn’t give a crap about being a “purist”.  She is just blasting music, scribbling, painting, gluing, spray painting, pretty much going nuts on a canvas. Her work again is raw and expresses so much emotion to me.

I love mixed media. It’s crazy and free.

But, Just when I think I am crazy and free, I find that really, I’m not.  I have all these rules in my head and I don’t even know where they came from. They’re clearly un-examined.  So for me, wanting to be wild and free at least when it comes to painting, is going to take a lot of practice.  First I have to challenge every preconception I have.  I have to undo every classicly-trained art lesson I’ve ever had. Dump all of it and try to uncover what’s under there.  What is my raw unexposed self?  Beats me.  What do I care so strongly about that I find ways to express it through my art and share it with the world? Beats me.  But it sure seems more interesting than painting a still life of some grapes.

So this is a little taste of the mental garbage rolling around in my head.  I am such an over-thinker/over-analyzer. My step-father used to ask me how I could even wake up every morning?  He’s got a good point.  Maybe if I go to a therapist, they can teach me how to stop over analyzing and then I will be the best painter in the world.  I’m thinking world-domination good! Mhew Ha Ha Ha Ha <- that’s an evil maniacal laugh by the way.

OK. I think I’m losing it. Something tells me I need to stop.  I should step away from the computer and simply just try to make a little more art.

OK… OK … I’m going… I’m going…


Mixed Media Painting

__018-01-10 09.10.31

I’m going to begin to show some of my mixed media experiments.

My thought is to skip the critique  because I don’t want to come off as complaining.

However, I have plenty of insight. Learning what to do – what not to do.

So, if you want to hear me complain – Oh, I mean give a critique  of my works, send me feedback. Yea or Nay?

If not, I’ll just post some of these pieces I’ve been playing with…

Off to throw some pots.  TTFN

Reneged on My Pottery Goal

__2018-01-16 14.00

This September I set a goal to only wheel throw pots as opposed to hand/slab-building them.

I lasted about 4 months. However, I am giving myself permission to ditch this crazy committment!

My thought was, if I only wheel-threw pots, my skills would get stronger on the wheel (which is true ;) But here’s the catch, I might get stronger on the wheel but I simply do not like the finished product.

I LOVE texture and color.

Wheel thrown pots, to me, are just missing that – what’s the word –spunk.  Don’t get me wrong, I tried.  I invested in sgraffito (carving tools), I tried wax resist to get some cool glaze techniques. I swear I tried to go the traditional route.

I’m kind of excited that I felt so strongly about this.  It means I actually know what I want.  I tend to float like a snowflake in and out of everything. Not liking something is great.  It gets me just a little bit closer to being a bit more focused.   Maybe by the time I’m 80 years old I’ll lock into mastering one thing… HA! right ;) 

With my new permission to renege on my goal, I did exactly what I wanted to do which felt great.  This brought passion and excitement back into creating.  I think that’s my intuition saying I’m on the right track. Now don’t get me wrong, I AM NOT A QUITTER.  I am the crazy that created a work of art every single day for 365 days.  I didn’t quit on that and there were so many days I wanted to.  That goal felt extremely right.  This one – not so much.  I can tell the difference.

__2018-01-16 12.06.40

So, back to the best of both worlds.  Which is very much like me.  Why choose wheel-throwing over hand-building?  Why not do – BOTH?  That makes perfect sense – FOR ME.  Here, I threw the bottom part of the vessel on the wheel and then rolled a slab to attach to the top.  The texture came from my hand-crafted stamps which really makes the vessel feel unique and personal.

That’s it.  Unique and personal.  Maybe add in some happy and fun.  This is what I am committing to and I’m finally feeling like I’m back on the right track :)

__2018-01-15 14.22.53__2018-01-18 10.02.26

On The Painting Front

_2017-12-15 16.04.21

If you asked me September 1st, I would have told you I would be posting a new painting on my blog every 2 days.

Boy was I delusional!

With that said, I’ve been suffering with some major disappointment.  Reality is nothing like what I have rolling around in this head of mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been painting just as feverishly as a person who would post a new painting every 2 days, but the results have been hmm… what’s the word…. Let’s just say not matching up to the amazing-ness I find in my daydreams.

I saw my artist/painter aunt at Christmas and she asked me how the painting was going.  I told her I was failing miserably.  She said “what makes you think you are failing?”  I said “the fact that I wouldn’t hang a single piece of my work on a wall”.  She said “Ohhh, you’re learning.”   what?

Duh, why didn’t I think of that?

I get SO serious and I try SO hard, that I forget I am trying something I’ve never tried before. Why on earth would I think the first experiment would be a masterpiece?  Well, we know the answer to that one. It’s the ugly “P” word.  – perfectionism.  I am telling you, me and perfectionism are like Dory from Nemo, swimming around in that fishbowl.  Every lap, I forget I’ve already been there!

Then, the universe sends me a loving message, like it always does.  These quotes came up in my Pinterest feed just as I was thinking these thoughts:

So let me explain what I am trying to achieve through painting.

These are my personal beliefs OK? Please disagree with me.  It makes the world a more interesting place.  That and I am likely to believe the complete opposite 3 months from now ;)

OK.  My current thought – Why bother painting exactly what I can see?  In an age where every phone has an amazing camera attached to it and every human is recording at least 5 beautiful observations a day, why on earth would I want to waste my time carefully constructing a painting that looks similar to a photograph? What is it communicating to the world?  Is it simply an observation?  Isn’t there more out there than that?  More inside me?  What can I communicate through a painting?  There has to be more to it than simple observation.

My second thought is – What do you personally gravitate towards Mary? There are SO MANY styles of artwork i.e. still lives, landscapes, abstract, old school vs. new school.  When I answer the question, what am I attracted to?  It’s folk art and outsider art.  I love its color, humor, and simplicity. Now many people  think of these genres as naive, simpleton, and not serious art.  Let me tell you, I am trying to cultivate my own folky-outsidery-style and it is hard as hell.

These paintings above have been plaguing me for about 3-4 weeks now.

There are a ton of layers of paint involved. At least 10.  You start with the complete disorder of mark-making and then you are supposed to edit, negative paint and control what’s on your canvas. I can mark-make, but that’s about it!  The controlling, editing and simplifying is really difficult.  I feel like my canvas is a bull and it keeps knocking me flat on my behind.

I know what I have to do to get there, but I now realize it is going to take a hundred tries, not 3 .  Getting over my lofty expectations has not been easy. With this style of mixed media painting, you have to very confidently paint over 75% of your marks to give the eye a rest.  I find the experience paralyzing.  What if I paint over an area and then have second thoughts?  I can’t get it back. What if I screw up??? With these thoughts, I am leaving too much uncovered and it leaves the paintings really chaotic.

Now I consider myself the color queen.  I know I have a gift of color-combining that  has served me well over the last 20 years.  However,  with this chaotic mark making technique, there is so much untamed everything that it is throwing me off my color-game.  I have absolutely no control.  I finish a painting and think there is not one single color in this entire painting that I would have chosen!

__Untitled-1 One day I took photos of my work and the used the photo-editing app called Aviary to mess around with color combos.  I had a lot of fun playing, but I haven’t figured out how to exactly to implement it.

At this point in the process I started avoiding painting.  I would rather pay bills, clean, reorganize  – anything else I could think of. Christmas gave me every excuse I needed.

_2018-01-02 13.24.59

Then I had the idea to abort ship. Why not ditch these paintings and move on?  Let’s call them what they are, experiments, and not waste another minute on them?

It worked.  I hung them on my studio wall and cleared the space.  Just the thought of starting over was enough to get me back in the arena again.  I have been working on new paintings and it feels pretty good. I’m already at the “hang-up” phase with the new ones, but now I have had a little bit of time to look at the old paintings on the wall and see some areas I can fix/alter.

So, At least I’m back in the game.  I have reset my expectations and I’m hoping by the time I get to painting 35 I can stay up on that bull for at least 2 minutes!

My own personal style is in there somewhere and I am going to find it damn-it.  I can’t wait to look back at this time in my life and laugh at all my worries and woes.


Christmas Laughs

For the last week I have been struggling through a cold.  You could put it on the calendar annually.  The week before Christmas I am the most run-down of the year.  There is just so much to DO-DO-DO, my body simply cannot handle it. Here is a photo of me Christmas 2012 relaxing with the family in the livingroom:

2012-12-23 14.25.50

I’m flat-out tuckered, but at least I am keeping my humor.  Humor is what gets me through everything.  When I look back on all my Christmases (even the one where at least 12 of us vomited in the course of 3 hours), I never remember how my broke down body felt, I only remember the laughs!Untitled-1

Good memories.

This year we hosted our first ever Ugly Sweater Party.

2017 Xmas Partyb

Can you tell I had a little fun making the invite? I think I packed my entire childhood in there!

Here were a few ideas I came up with before the big day:

2017-12-16 11.10.25

Coffee filters. I don’t know what made me think of it.  Must have been the childhood reminiscing. I hung strings in the windows so all of the snowflakes could decorate te rooms as the party went along.

2017-12-16 16.39.462017-12-16 11.17.34

We took a coffee can and decorated it to play an old-school game of kick-the-can, but there was too much snow on the ground to play :(  That’s ok.  Summer-Christmas-kick-the-can will be fun too…

2017-12-16 11.17.01

I scavenged thrift shops for old mugs for people to drink their spiked cocoa in.

2017-12-16 11.57.45

Garland boas were all the rage.

2017-12-16 13.01.51

For the candy cane hunt I also included some extra goodies.  I found 80’s-inspired Pop Rocks, clear empty Christmas balls to fill with candy and hang from the trees, and one little box wrapped like a Christmas present.  Inside the box was chocolate coal. We had the hunt outside and it was a big hit!


These people are the community we have created over the years.  Many families and so many happy memories.

2017-12-22 08.47.40

I may have had a sore throat and believe it or not, the very morning of the party I threw out my back.  I guess that is what ibuprofen is for. Because all said, I pushed on through and had a great time.  I may have even been the only one to use that karaoke machine ;)