Ladies Night Wakefield


Ladies Night Wakefield is my town’s big night!

I live in a major “shop local” area.  Mainly because all we really have  is small businesses.  I’m pretty sure many people would tell you that is the attraction of our area.  No big box anything.  Just mom and pop shops where if everyone in town uses one another’s businesses, our local commerce stays balanced and little shops can exist.  I paint a rosy picture don’t I?  But really, it is what I love about my town.


So tonight, all the small business of downtown Wakefield come together to throw a big shopping party. There’s live music, wine and cheese, horse drawn carriages, caroling, shopping promotions and loads of big crowds.  On our little local level, it’s a HAPPENING!


Jan Bertwell, of Finishing Touches, invited me to set up a booth during the event.  I’m quite excited.  I’ve never participated before.  Her store is so beautiful inside.  It’s going to be a great place to be!


I had to reconfigure which items to bring.  Mainly jewelry now. I’ve got a good idea of how I’ll set up the booth.  Now I’ll take it down and head to Main Street to set it up. Janet Bertwell I hope your ready for me.  I’m bringing the sangria ;)





Amazing First Weekend


Thank you to my special Christmas booth helper :)


What to say…what to say…

OK. Are you ready for this?

I sold out first weekend.


24 hand-crafted mugs: 1 left

60 hand-crafted ornaments: 6 left

8 pottery dishes: 2 left

Jewelry: I sold a bunch but still have plenty more!


To sum it up, the pottery was a hit.  That entire element of my booth is gone!

Now I’m left trying to figure out what happened?  I had dropped my mug price from $40 to $30 and the ornament price-point was between $15-$18. They flew off the shelves!  Did I price them too low? or just right?  …I don’t know!    I’m still kind of sitting here in shock?!?  I still have three events to attend.  Did I over-do it and sign up for too many events or was this a fluke?

What I do know, is that I am incredibly thankful.  This only happened because people were kind enough to come out and invest in my handmade things. What’s also nice is that tiny tinge of panic in my belly has gone away.  You know that crappy little voice that resides in your gut shooting out terrible thoughts like: “Have I made the right choices?”, “Are these items good enough to put out there to the public?”, “will anyone come?”  “will I sit at my booth for 6 hours not selling anything”…oh the list goes on with the yucky thoughts one’s brain can spew… I get to shut that down, stick out my tongue and say to the nagging voice – SHOVE IT!

That’s kind of fun.


Next show is tomorrow.  My jewelry designs have taken on some subtle changes.  I really like the direction they are going…

So from here on in, my booth will be a jewelry booth.

And I plan on relaxing a little bit. Technically I’ve got done what I need to do.  Now I can enjoy and have fun and not take myself so seriously?

Yeah, I’ve earned it!






So Tired


It’s dark.

What a terrible photo. Everything is crammed in a dark hallway. I wouldn’t have posted, but I kinda said I would. Ha!

With that said, every teeny-tiny item has been priced and labeled.  I’ve got my concept down.  I will need to set up within one hour tomorrow.

Soooooooooo tired!

I forgot to get cash.  The bank is now closed.  My idea is to hit the atm and then beg the grocery store to make change…

Then I will have to come home and break this entire thing down…

then go to sleep!

Today may have been rough, but I am now READY.  A week before Black Friday.

That feels really good!

Holiday Line Up



So, Here’s the Condensed version…

Village Co-op: Saturday, Nov.19   10-3pm

Meadowbrook Waldorf Holiday Faire:  Saturday, Nov.19   10-4pm

The Framing Gallery: Sunday, Nov.20   2-5pm

South County Art Association:  Friday, Nov. 25 to Dec.17    Wed-Sun 10am-6pm

Wakefield Ladies Night (@ Finishing Touches):  Thursday, Dec.1    5-9pm

Peace Dale Holiday Fair:  Saturday, Dec.3    10-3pm

South County Art Supply:  Thursday Dec.15-18





Oh Man.  I am having fun this year with jewelry.  I’ve finally hit my stride.  I think it may be the use of all these really cool vintage buttons I’m finally getting around to using.  This photo shows quite a few teeny tiny Austrian buttons I’ve finally found a use for.

It may also be that I found new bezel shapes to work with this year.  I am especially loving the guitar pick shape and the tear drop.  They are wonderful formats for mosaic work.


Speaking of mosaic work and bezels, I found these heart bezels and I am giddy at how fun these pieces are coming out!  There bright, colorful, happy, a little odd-unique… All the things I love in my own personal choices for wearable art.


I also found an artisan from Istanbul, Turkey who creates these beautiful antique silver and rose gold bezel settings.  Each bezel is so unique and hand-made feeling.  The mosaics in this photo probably look a bit strange, but man, when you see them in person. They glow with an amount of sparkle I cannot put into words!




These are some trinket dishes I am working on to sell…


I also spent some time making these super cool business card holders, but sadly, when they dried, three already exploded from being so fragile… These are definitely what I am considering an “experiment”.  Let’s hope I can get a few to completion.

I am finished with the 70 ornaments I made for the holidays.  They are all strung up and ready to go.  Now I just have to find a minute to take some photos.

That’s always the tough part! Back to work!

Getting More Sparkly


Oh man, I just love these pendants I am making.  I am very much into vintage everything, so these get me very excited.  It’s like a little antique you can wear every day!  Because they are vintage glass, they are translucent and sparkle which I just can’t capture via camera.  Either way, I’m plugging away at my collection and I hope there are people out there that find them as special as I do!


This week I’ve also been working on some cell phone holders.  The idea stems from at least 4 devices on my counter at all times.  Does any other household have this problem?  I am creating little 8×10″ pockets to attach by the outlets and hopefully get my counters back! I’m making some to sell at the holiday shows too… Again, we’ll see if my choices resonate with holiday shoppers this winter…


On a final note, I dragged my loving mother 3 hours away to Bennington, Vermont to see the Milton Avery exhibit.  The Bennington Art Museum has an exhibition of his work until November.  I am obsessed with Milton Avery.  I adore his loose impressionistic arrangements and his killer use of color.  In fact, I believe the museum called it his “dissociative” use of color.  Meaning he makes trees that are blue even though humans associate green with trees.  To me, creating these amazing color compositions, takes what could sometimes be considered a very boring landscape and transforms them into something magical.  Mark my words, you will see an intense inspiration of Milton Avery in my painting this upcoming January.  I have been quietly studying what direction I want to go with my painting and this genre feels just right.

OK. off to make mosaic jewelry…I haven’t shown you pictures of that yet…but I am creating up a storm.  Feels Great!