Merry Christmas to Me

This weekend I was part of a girls shopping day. My mom, sister, daughter and I went to North Hampton, MA.  If you haven’t been there, It’s a funky ole-hippie-college-town known for being very liberal, artsy and full of entertainment. It has great music venues, theater and deliciously diverse food.

We roamed the streets going in and out of the coolest boutiques.  That’s when I ran across this poster. It’s by Shepard Fairey.   

I LOVE his street art.

Most people know him for the Obama “Hope” poster, but I really came to know his work during the Women’s March.

The images were striking and unforgettable. It was amazing to see so much of his artwork brought to the streets by people who didn’t even know one another.  Obviously his work has come to symbolize a movement.

MAKE ART NOT WAR.  Man does that not sum up the times.

So as a special gift to myself I bought and framed the poster.  I used a funky plaid fabric I own and it looks awesome.  Every day I am in my studio I will enjoy it.

I always say,  tis’ the season to TREAT YOSELF! Hope yall’ find something special this holiday season :)


Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas!


Apparently I never “officially” said it, but I have backed away from all events because I wanted to devote this year to painting.

With that said, The Narragansett Arts Guild, which was the group I got together with every week of the summer to sell art by the beach, is having a big Hoorah to end 2017.

So, FOR THE RECORD – THIS IS THE ONLY EVENT BE CREATIVE MARY IS ATTENDING this holiday season.  I have pottery, jewelry and cards.  But it’s not just me, this is a fantastic collaborative of artists whom I look forward to seeing. Especially since I haven’t seen them since Labor Day!  There will be music, food and lot’s to see.  Come join us this Thursday from 4-9 pm. I’ll be there with bells on ;)

Second Field of Grass

__2017-11-09 14.33.01

Yesterday, I mentioned I didn’t have the attention span for pointillism. When faced with painting tall grasses in this painting, I decided to take a different route. There are probably 30 layers, but instead of hand painting thousands of dabs of paint, I took my palette knife and scratched the paint off to create the line work. When you are standing in front of the painting it looks really life like. As if someone had just trampled through creating a path in the grass.

This technique didn’t drive me as crazy as the pointillism did. I will be adding it to my bag of tricks :)


This week, I got to play with my new hand-made pottery stamps.  Way too fun.  Way too addicting.  Can’t wait to see how they come out.  Working with the stamps is firing off all sorts of ideas in my head!

Here’s a bunch of other things that have come out of the kiln:

I’m still painting too… will have some paintings to show hopefully next week.

As I like to think and say…

Keep on keepin’ on and bein’ creative!

Pottery Stamps

_2017-10-24 13.18.19

While watching TV one night, I grabbed a hunk of clay and decided to make a bunch of my own stamps.  I pretty much used the ends of pencils, pens and the ends of all my clay tools.  Points, squares and round circles. They were then bisque fired.

_2017-09-29 15.37.09

I didn’t put too much thought or planning into them. They are pretty much doodles -in clay form.  Mainly nature motifs, patterns and textures.  I guess that’s what comes out when I’m not “thinking”.

_2017-10-25 09.31.53

I can’t wait to use them.  So far I only got to use them yesterday when making this lid for a cream and sugar set.  I am already in love with their imperfect organic look.

Below are some more cream and sugar sets getting ready to head to the kiln. The patterns on the ones below are from wooden textile stamps.  See how they are a little more structured.

_2017-10-13 15.07.51_2017-10-13 15.07.18

_2017-10-13 15.06.50

Well, I love new inspiration.  I like that the patterns come straight from ME.  I think you’ll see these stamps creeping into my future work.

I already want to make more!



Compass School Yearly Vision Event


2017-10-13 08.13.18For the past few years, my kid’s school principal has asked me to help create vision boards for the school’s annual Vision Night. I tell ya, what a cool principal!  The parents write down their “wish list”, the principal listens and each year we get to look back at how far we’ve come and which goals we have attained.  This year our principal helped us accomplish an amazing feat.  Our school created a giant vegetable farm and we now have a real farmer on staff! I can’t tell you what an amazing experience my children have been blessed with. It is an amazing goal to celebrate.

Here are some of my past year visual contributions:

compassvision (22a)

2016-10-03 14.54.29