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I’ve been enjoying the process of making these driftwood shadow boxes . Dare I say,  it feels like play!

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I’m at the point of creating the creatures from clay. I’ve under-glazed them. Next they’ll be bisque fired and glazed with a clear coat for a final firing… I’m definitely not cranking these out in an afternoon. Slow and steady. Adding little bits at a time. I’ve wanted to go to the beach to collect some more natural elements, but I am at my end of how much cold I can tolerate. I’m chronically cold and feel like I have about three more days of holding out for spring before I fall on the floor and play dead. I’m losing it!

On that note, I will fix myself my third cup of tea. Not for the caffeine, but for the hot-mug-heater!

Back to creating…I’ll keep you updated on their progress :)

A Little Pottery Ingenuity



A couple weeks ago I had mentioned that I had one of those “A-HA” moments.  I have been using craft foam to make my own stamps for abstract art painting. Then it occurred to me, why not try the same concept with clay?  I made some testers and gosh darn it, it works!  So to continue with my “by the sea” theme, I’ve started creating foam plates to allow me to write  words of inspiration on my summer beach pottery. I’m psyched.  What a super-fun idea! I’mmm juuust gettting staaarted!!!


Made some pretty pitchers last week too. You guessed it, beach theme!

Alphabet Soup


The Peace Dale Neighborhood Guild Pottery Studio is preparing for our “SOUP’S ON” event this Friday at 6pm. Bowls are going in and out of the kiln like mad!


I asked some students from The Compass School to help me make about 20 bowls as my contribution.  I just love the messages they include in their designs.  These are all glaze firing as we speak.


My Step Mom said she’s so excited to come and take home one of my alphabet bowls.

Sorry Meme. I made those for your  grandkidsThey are already eating soup out of them!

I’ll have to make more in the future, but for now, I have contributed some other bowls to the event ;)

Next, I need to make a giant pot of soup.  I’ve selected my father’s famous Rosemary Chickpea Soup.  It is vegetarian, although you’d never know it.  Somehow my dad has figured out how to squeeze every morsel of flavor out of the simplest of ingredients.  I’m happy to share one of my family’s favorites.

…. I Can’t wait!

Getting More Sparkly


Oh man, I just love these pendants I am making.  I am very much into vintage everything, so these get me very excited.  It’s like a little antique you can wear every day!  Because they are vintage glass, they are translucent and sparkle which I just can’t capture via camera.  Either way, I’m plugging away at my collection and I hope there are people out there that find them as special as I do!


This week I’ve also been working on some cell phone holders.  The idea stems from at least 4 devices on my counter at all times.  Does any other household have this problem?  I am creating little 8×10″ pockets to attach by the outlets and hopefully get my counters back! I’m making some to sell at the holiday shows too… Again, we’ll see if my choices resonate with holiday shoppers this winter…


On a final note, I dragged my loving mother 3 hours away to Bennington, Vermont to see the Milton Avery exhibit.  The Bennington Art Museum has an exhibition of his work until November.  I am obsessed with Milton Avery.  I adore his loose impressionistic arrangements and his killer use of color.  In fact, I believe the museum called it his “dissociative” use of color.  Meaning he makes trees that are blue even though humans associate green with trees.  To me, creating these amazing color compositions, takes what could sometimes be considered a very boring landscape and transforms them into something magical.  Mark my words, you will see an intense inspiration of Milton Avery in my painting this upcoming January.  I have been quietly studying what direction I want to go with my painting and this genre feels just right.

OK. off to make mosaic jewelry…I haven’t shown you pictures of that yet…but I am creating up a storm.  Feels Great!



Travel Mugs


Friday? How on earth did it become Friday???

Somehow I have glazed over 70 Christmas ornaments this week and managed to start the travel mugs I’m offering during the holiday season.


My entire family complain that my bases are not skinny enough to fit in the car drink holders and that the handles need to go up higher – so that they fit in the same darn drink holders.

Do you think my family is telling me they want travel mugs???

My family is my best critic because they always push me to better design.

I have to get in there today and add the handles to the terra-cotta clay mugs above.  My design approach is to throw one half of the mug and hand-build the other half.  To me the vessels then possess the best of both worlds.  They are quite time-consuming, but hey, I like what I like.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to the finished product. Pretty much –because I want a travel mug too!

Cards In the Mail


My step-mother asked if she could turn my Christmas in Rhode Island etchings into Christmas cards for the upcoming season and I thought, what a great idea!

Since I was getting them made for her, why not try to sell them at the holiday shows I attend?  The original etchings I created were at a pretty high price point last year -mainly due to how labor intensive they are to create.  But a Christmas card can be plenty affordable.  I’m always trying to get some lower-price-point options at shows which is really hard to do when items are hand-crafted.  Hand-crafted=A lot of time.  Time=Money   ….yadda, yadda you know how it goes… so selling a print seems like a win-win.

Anyhoo.  The cards came in the mail today and I absolutely LOVE them.  My step mother said to leave space to sign them.  People loved signed prints and again I thought another great idea step-mom!  I will sign them for the holidays.   The color looks great, the paper is high quality…


and I even got to add an “official mark” on the back side. I tell you…it’s the back of the card that made my inner-art-geek gleam!


Well, since I was printing…I thought I might as well create a card out of this little “I love South County” Rhode Island gouache painting I did this summer.  It has all of the special details from our community.  It turned out cute as a button too.  (why chickens?  Our state bird is the Rhode Island Red !)


I have been collecting vintage Czech glass buttons for sometime now.  I actually get them shipped to me from Czechoslovakia.  Many range from the 1930’s-50’s.  I pulled them out because for Christmas I am going to de-shank them and turn them into pretty necklace pendants…  I’ve begun and I’m already very excited with the progress…

So that’s the quick update.  I’m working on mugs in pottery too… I shall have more to share next week.  Have a great weekend everybody!