Back to the Drawing Board


6 months since I picked up a paint brush! I definitly have some nerves to shake out. I spent a day or two doing these little 8×10 inch contour drawing water colors to loosen up. Water color always frees me up. I think it’s the swirling of water on the paper and watching the paint bleed in uncontrollable ways that gives me such a kick! I thought I’d do 6-8 little water colors until I felt safe in the habitat, but with my ADD Gemini Energy, I was done by the second painting and onto 6 foot acrylic canvases.

I can’t help it :) it’s how my natural energy works!

Before I close, let me share an amazing sight from my visit to Miami. Have you heard of Wynwood Walls? As soon as my hosts heard I was into art, they sent me on an amazing excursion. Click the above link to learn more, but in a nutshell, artists from around the world are commissioned to create graffiti all over this districts walls.


Totally Rad to the Max!!!

So if you wind up in Miami, now you know a creative must. Blocks and blocks of amazing works of art!


Pear in Shadow

_june (13)

This painting looks large on-screen, but in actuality it measures a mere 2 x 2 inches!

I have one of those ceramic berry containers that are meant to look like the plastic pints you get from the farmer’s market.

I tell you, no matter what I put in the container it winds up looking special.

Even a simple old pear.

The light and shadows fall through the vessel just like magic.

_june (12)

 Then you add a frame and a painting that once looked cute, now looks splendid!

Maybe I’m lost in my own little world, but little things like this

just make me happy


Hens & Chics

__june (5)b

I think of these little plants as “green roses”.  They are little jewels that hide between my other plants and occasionally show themselves.  I love to study their petals and fleshiness which is quite similar to aloe.  There are just so many cool things to study in the great outdoors.

This is another mini.  It’s a 5×7″ watercolor in an 8×10″ frame.

My stepmother is addicted to my mini paintings.  She keeps trying to take them before my art show!

Sorry Meme, I need to have a few little goodies at a great price point for the big event!

;) See you there!

_june (5)


_june (9)

There are many days where I find it difficult to walk more than 3 feet without standing in awe!

Take for instance this simple old tree that stands outside my kid’s school office.

  One might walk past it ten times in a day, but do they take the time to notice the amazing shadow it casts on the lawn?  It is absolutely breath-taking.

Look around you today.

What everyday aspects can you see in a different light? The shadow your coffee mug casts on your desk in the afternoon, the sensation of the breeze on your face as you open a door, the squint from the sun on a loved ones face or your pet laying in a state of peaceful rest.  Sometimes I even study my own hands in amazement of the skin and muscle and all that I am able to do with them.

 I’ve often heard artists called “flighty”.  But stop and consider this….

…maybe they are simply seeing an entirely different world than you!



Good Day to you all!

Today I am off to enjoy the splendors of Block Island, RI.

Before I go, I thought I’d share this little painting of my neck of the woods.

2014-05-13 09.05.13

We have a long-standing farmer’s market through the University of Rhode Island and it’s location is called East Farm.  The farm isn’t much to look at from the street, but when you get in there, there are some pretty places.

Well, one day in May I spotted tufts of pink from the street and quickly pulled over to see what was behind buildings.

2014-05-13 09.04.41

Boy was I rewarded.  The spring blossoms were stunning!

_june (4)

I sure wish trees were pink all year round, but then again, I’d probably never get to where I’m driving to!

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Summer Lovin’



Greetings from Rhode Island!

They call it the Ocean State, but I think they should call it the Beach State.

I have been working on a bunch of mini paintings for my July 19th art show.

The single seagull measures 5×7″ and the seagull pair measure 3×4″.  When the paintings get this small I think they fall under the category of “cute”.

IMG_2803 IMG_2804e

My inspiration came from a walk by the seawall in Newport.  They call it the Cliff Walk.  It’s a long path that winds around the mansions of the Vanderbilt’s and other Industrial big wigs of the 19th century.

Of course the estates are astonishing, but I just can’t keep my eyes off the gulls.  They crack me up.  They aren’t afraid of humans, they’re sneaky little buggers and quite frankly they are very beautiful.

Each time I see them (which is quite often!), I use them as a reminder of how thankful I am to live by the sea.

It’s a dream come true.

There’s just so much beauty around me. It’s hard to drink it all in.




What a day, what a day.


Maybe I should start by telling you about my night.  We got home late from NYC and everyone dove into bed.  Three hours later I hear someone screaming bloody murder.  It was my son.  He’s been sick all week and it finally culminated with a terrible earache.  12pm,2am,4am and 6am, I had to rock him to sleep as the pain medicine kicked in.

So let’s just say neither of us slept much.  My son spent today sleeping.


…but I didn’t.  We had a huge family pizza party instead!  Four generations of my husband’s family gathered today which is a big deal.  My husbands brothers live in different states and it gets harder and harder to get everyone in the same place at the same time.  Post Christmas and Post Thanksgiving seem to be working best and really it is so much less stressful.  You get to gather without the pomp and circumstance, which allows everyone to be themselves.

It was a very nice day.  A very busy day. A very loud day!

Which brought me to the end of the evening.  Bags under my eyes and flat-out tired.

Not the best working conditions for art making, but I forged ahead.  I had painted a little this morning and finished up tonight.

I think this is it for faces.  I’m done. Finito. No more-o!

We have more family here tomorrow.  Hopefully my son will sleep through the night tonight and I will figure out what I am going to do tomorrow…tomorrow!

Good night!

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#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (1)

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (8)

Say hello to my little friend Lucy!

Shame on me for not meeting her sooner, but I finally made it to Forest Hills/Queens to meet her!

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (3)

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (5)

You see, I call Heather one of my college roommates, but technically, Caryn and I were roommates and Heather just happened to always be sitting on our couch.  So, Heather was our by-proxy roommate. I also knew her husband in college.  He lived in a dorm of mine at UCONN.  It is said that I introduced the two of them, but that was so long ago…who knows.  What I do know is I did think they should date in college and they both said “ICK NO!”.  We graduated, got jobs, moved all over the globe and somehow, the two of them reconnected. Ten years later, they weren’t so icky to one another…and then they fell in love :)

Don’t you just love happy endings?

It’s pretty cool because I’ve known them a long time and now they are both in my life.

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (6)

and now Lucy is in our lives too!

So Lucy is set to be a little City kid. We saw her library, school, playground and neighborhood today.  She is going to have some wonderful adventures!

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (7)

I gave Lucy the poster I made for her, but since there weren’t any lights, rattles or movement, she sort of lost interest.  Mom and Dad liked it though!  It’s red and yellow which tied in with Lucy’s bedroom perfectly!

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (4)

Heather and I got manicures from my daughter today.  Each of my nails had a different design and heather got ladybugs.  My daughter thinks Heather is the coolest person she ever met.  I wonder if that was because she had a bowl of Doritos and Oreos waiting for the kids when they got there.  That is the best!

#361- who let lucy loosey in the city (2)

Lucy summed it up.  It had been a long weekend and it was time to go home.

We gave our new little friend hugs and kisses and said goodbye to our dear old friends too.  I sure love spending time with them.  Next time I see Lucy she’ll be running and hopefully it will be in a bathing suit at my house!

Thank you for a wonderful visit and congratulations Heather and Jay.


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